Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh, John William

John William is my youngest, but definitely no longer a baby! He is quite a talker and talks in full sentences. I definitely understand him, but sometimes other adults need an interpreter to grasp all of his words.
He is a very sweet and sensitive little guy, very curious and always asks, "Mommy, what you doing?" it is hysterical and borderline annoying sometimes, but definitely very inquisitive! He is starting to play tough and I frequently need to remind him about not throwing balls in the house. He is the toughest 2.5 year old and he can hold his own, but he is definitely a sensitive little guy. If Thomas or Elizabeth say they don't want to play with him and say "John William you need to go take a nap". Mr. Tough Guy will run over to me in tears and need love and attention....and most likely a nap!
Weight: 33 pounds (Same as Elizabeth and thomas is 29)
Favorite Foods: Rice, steak, cheesburgers, hard boiled eggs, waffles, cheese, ice cream
Favorite Color: Blue
Nap: Yes - every afternoon for 2 hours and needs at least 12 hours sleep at night! Loves his big boy bed
Favorite Activity: Outside - anything!!!
Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
On the covered playground at school
John William and Mommy celebrate at his first school Halloween Party!
Decorating a pumpkin with sharpies - never a dull moment!
Halloween party was a success and loooved the super goodie bag!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Festival with my Multiples Club

Thomas "Buzz Lightyear", Elizabeth as Snow White and
Dr. John William reporting for the party! Cotton candy is one way we will sit down for a photograph. This is one of my favorite pictures of Thomas - he is sooooo hard to photograph.
I think the costume gave Buzz some super powers - is never gets his face painted.....
but maybe it had something to do with what she was painting!
Face painting was a H-I-T! John William wasn't sure what he wanted, so
Nothing better than a little face paint to match your White Coat!
Check out this pretty girl!
Do you think we go to Chick Fil A too much? Thomas was in love!!!
Many thanks to the current IAPOMC board and all the volunteers who helped make this fall festival a huge success! If you know of anyone in the Atlanta area expecting (or already has) multiples - I highly recommend the Intown Atlanta Parents of Multiples club

Decorating for Halloween

Getting ready for Halloween!! One after the kids made a "Fall Box" and filled it with all sorts of fall things - nuts, acorns, pinecones, pinestraw, flowers and beautiful leaves - I wish I would have taken pictures - they did an excellent job decorating and had a blast! A little spooky October treat I made for their classrooms...

Elizabeth's favorite pose while seating anxiously awaiting Chapel. How cute is everyone praying???

A Party fit for a Princess

It was such a treat for Elizabeth and I to attend a "just girls" birthday party -
can you guess the theme?? In reverse order:
Off go the lanterns...
Only one lantern fatality before a successful launch Elizabeth and Savanna, the birthday princess
Check out that BLING!!!
Elizabeth walking into the Rapunzel Party

Many thanks to the super amazing hostess, party planner, baker, decorator extraordinaire - Natalie Dorsey!!! We had a wonderful evening!!!